The Right Guidance for Future Game Changers

The Right Guidance for Future Game Changers

At The Bottom Line Leadership Consulting LLP we believe in being an inch wide but miles deep. This is why we focus on providing our expertise through immersive interactions to only a niche core segment of senior & middle management.

Our programmes are specifically designed to show direct ,measurable impact for global organizations & small & medium enterprises that:

  • Suffer from low managerial productivity & falling profits
  • Have ambitious growth plans for the future
  • Want to avoid missing business opportunities & targets
  • Have a limited talent pool & yet high achievement parameters across industry benchmarks

We present an opportunity to work with you, the entrepreneur/ promoter/ managing partner to solve leadership & productivity challenges to help you grow your business. We do this by not just imparting research based knowledge but also through absolutely practical, experience tested transformational shifts in mind-sets, application. This is easily seen in behaviours & long term measurable results.

programmes for Owners and Promoters
Programmes for Owners and Promoters
The Real Challenge

Steering your company on the growth path is not an easy job at all. Experience suggests that ambitious, passionate entrepreneurs often feel...

  • They are hostage to unending crisis management or fire fighting most parts of their work day, leaving no time to actually build the business for tomorrows opportunities
  • They often feel that even tenured people in their team are not moving things fast enough or executing the strategy as well as the entrepreneur wants them to
  • Often things are at a standstill when they are not around
  • They feel restricted / inadequate in their attempts to scale up the business, enter new markets because they are unsure of how the future pressures would be handled by the existing talent pool/ team
  • They’ve noticed that employees have low levels of ownership & commitment towards organisations goals
  • They catch themselves saying that they don’t have time to focus on any other aspect of life
  • They need to improve their influencing skills with boards, shareholders, partners, venture funds, investors & other critical stakeholders

Here's How We Help Solve

The Bottom Line’s brain-based result oriented programs will help you solve some of your growth & direction problems.

You will immediately benefit from:

  • Time & space to achieve your goal of scaling up and even diversifying
  • Significantly reduce the energy & time sucked into crisis management
  • Get your team to be more invested, committed in the company and its growth
  • Improved productivity and faster achievement of goals
  • Reduction in the amount of rework & repeated mistakes
  • Remove any estranged feelings of 'Us vs Management' your team may be facing
  • Improve your communication and leadership influence
  • Negotiate stronger & have more wins with external stakeholders
Programs for Senior Leaders
Programmes for Senior Leaders
The Real Challenge

Senior leaders today, do not only have to focus on the immediate now but also need to create and be future ready for the next level of growth. Wrapped in this is the unending demand to reinvest & renew oneself professionally & personally to stay relevant in the VUCA world. Does your organization expect the senior leadership team to...

  • Reinvent & prepare themselves for a greater role in the organization
  • Identify and groom their future successors who would potentially step into their shoes
  • Manage issues of low productivity from scarce talent
  • Beat lack of commitment in parts of the organisation
  • Build strong sense of ownership in the team
  • Bring in a culture of innovation & learning
  • Ensure faster & deeper execution of strategy
  • Increase their own leadership effectiveness with highly talented peers
  • Have brand presence with stakeholders at the partner/ board level
  • Expand/ scale up business

Here's How We Help Solve

Would a bit of hard science & seasoned guidance assist you to navigate through this lonely & critical juncture? Would getting another perspective & an unbiased point of view be useful to decide the way forward?

If the above resonates with you then, here is How You Will Benefit from The Bottom Line’s brain-based outcome focused programs. You will immediately increase

  • Your learning agility to impact your own & your teams productivity
  • Gain trust & eminence in boardroom situations
  • Create impact in situations involving new stakeholders and manage transition better
  • Improve your leadership influence & your brand presence
  • Prepare for the future in terms of where to go & how to grow
  • Influence & channelize peoples energies to the agreed goals

Programs for Senior Leaders
Programmes for Middle Management
The Real Challenge

It can be stressful when you are the one in the middle and no one knows this better than middle management. It is the mid-management that has to implement the policies, achieve goals set by senior management and deliver seamlessly inspite of real time people problems & other resource constraints.

If the middle management in your organization is expected to solve problems related to...

  • Achieving improved productivity and ambitions results from their team inspite of limited resources
  • Efficient handling of their teams - communication, delegation etc.
  • Dealing with conflict, breaking the silo culture & stopping the blame game
  • Building their own brand presence while managing their competitive peers
  • Conduct fair performance evaluations & have effective feedback conversations
  • Build their team member’s morale & get commitment inspite of failures & setbacks
  • Guide & groom younger talent
  • Encourage & find newer ways to counter resistance & convince both internal & external stakeholders

Here's How We Help Solve

If you would like to boost your middle managers ability to meet & exceed their performance targets then The Bottom Line's process driven & result oriented programs will immediately help your middle managers to:

  • Learn scientific, experience tested ways of increasing their performance in their professional & personal life
  • Continuously improve and increase productivity in a measurable way by motivating them and their teams to go that 'extra mile'
  • Enhance work habits including time management, delegation, problem solving and interpersonal communication
  • Manage attitudinal adjustments and employee conflicts so as to enhance morale and human relations
  • Be committed, highly engaged managers who can move onto senior management roles while training a successor from within the team