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We follow this researched path & customize programmes to consistently make an exceptional YOU.

The Bottom Line Leadership Consulting LLP is a niche partner for results based experiential learning interventions to organisations. We assist global organisations, small & medium enterprises to grow to the next level of managerial productivity, leadership effectiveness & bottom line profitability in a measurable & sustained way. We ensure they are future ready in a VUCA world. We show them how to avoid wasting precious time, energy & money on mediocre programmes for senior & middle level managers.

Our researched, brain based & outcome driven development journeys ensure impact on 3 fronts, first on the mindsets of senior leaders and management teams, second everyday team interactions & third on the way they work on a day to day basis.

Know Us Better

We believe our business is about developing habits in people to get extraordinary results in their professional and personal life. Needless to say the results accomplished are tangible and measurable in real time.

In the year 2000, The Bottom Line Leadership Consulting LLP began with the firm belief that people can become what they deeply aspire to be.

There is merit in the adage, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and our experience has led conclusively to show that to bridge the gap between desire and real time actual performance, what human beings often times need are 3 elements:

a)   Awareness of their own inner game- their beliefs and mind-set
b)   Insights into the power & strengths they possess to change & achieve the results they want
c)   Scientific, tested, proven ways to work with these insights & capitalize on the opportunities they have

The Bottom Line team since the past 18 years has been consistently achieving a synergy between these three elements for individuals & organisations. This has translated into transformational journeys that are real, visible & measurable. Do read our success stories to know more.

Every success we enjoy is a spur to our determined and resolute effort to raise the consumption of latest research in neuroscience. We dovetail this with a scientific deployment experience to move people & organisations from potential to measurable real time performance.


We always begin with getting the fundamentals right. Introspection, concrete action & feedback become the bedrock to develop new mind sets, skills & behaviour patterns. Our behaviourists use interventions that engage with participants at several junctions which take them from just knowing to actually doing:



What to do & Why to do it. In most cases senior professionals know it already. In many cases it is common sense. We capitalize on this and orient participants with newly researched tools & principles to become more effective.



Knowledge is of no use unless it is retained and internalized. We provide you, the professionals, with scientific, tested & proven tools to assimilate and embed the knowledge acquired in the long-term memory. We thus ensure they permeate into your daily life in a seamless manner.



Having retained knowledge you need to apply it – not in an impersonal case study but your own specific context. We know that every manager is just as unique as the issues they face and hence we provide customised solutions for each. Our blended tools, job aids, multiple touch points etc. ensure application in real time.

An Immersive Whole Brain Learning Experience

Real change requires real effort. There are no happy accidents on the journey to success. Hence our behaviourists use deliberately designed and thoroughly researched brain-based processes to transition from the assimilation of knowledge to its application that results in habit formation. Experiential learning is the fundamental core of our interventions which focus on the cognitive, behavioural, motivational elements crucial to learning. This blended approach caters to different learning styles and ensures participants of an immersive experience throughout the learning journey.

We recognize that there are no quick fix solutions to cognitive behavioural changes. Also habit formation takes time. Hence to ensure measurable outcomes, experiential learning tools like role play, pulse checks, virtual simulations, gamification etc. are employed. Regular follow ups and action learning assignments add to the cumulative effect of the training. They also ensure the internalising of skills.

The behaviourists at TBL provide the necessary brain-based tools & approaches to achieve congruence between pre-determined goals and end point results.




Organisations Partnered


Lives Impacted
A Step by Step Progression


Objective pre-training conversations between sponsor, participant & behaviourist


Clear, documented & agreed end point results prior to the start of intervention


Structured process of learning, retention & on ground application


Multiple touch points through our blended learning format


Regular reviews with sponsor, stakeholder & participant conducted at pre-determined intervals throughout the intervention