Developing Leadership Pipeline - The Bottom Line

Developing Leadership Pipeline

DLP Developing

The Developing Leadership Pipeline (DLP) practice involves interventions to impact leadership performance of seasoned senior and middle managers using neuroscience. Our blended formats & experiential approach to developing high leverage skills in understanding leadership, influencing and managing performance clearly show visible, long term & measurable differences in both the leader’s performance & and that of his/ her team. These programmes are a must have for getting the organization future ready


The Leader’s Compass

Finding position, setting direction & getting there

The Aim:

  • Equipping leaders with critical mind-sets, emotional maturity & productive habits to leap ahead with more credibility & confidence
  • Accelerating measurable performance in leader’s ability to Increase ownership, build commitment
  • Impact how leaders drive change, retain & groom talent for next level of growth
Actual Real Time Experience

Significant visible change in the behaviour role modelled by the leader - practical ways of talking & walking the talk

  • Sensitized culture of inclusiveness, motivation, trust & transparency
  • Clear increase in levels of influence with team, direct reports
  • Increased success in leading team to peak performance
  • Higher levels of ownership & commitment from team
  • Better ability to manage difficult situations & people
  • Faster & seamless adoption of change initiatives


Essential Dialouges

Conversations that really matter

The Aim:

  • To provide reality checks & insights to managers to increase their effectiveness during performance coaching, career development conversations & performance feedback discussions
  • To equip managers with higher abilities & newer approaches based on latest research in neuroscience for conversations & peak performance to make employee dialoguing & partnering for performance more strengths based
Actual Real Time Experience

  • The manager’s mind set shifts to thinking, capitalizing & taking action based on strengths
  • Everyday language becomes empowering & outcome based even when course correction & developmental feedback needs to be given
  • The dialoguing skill becomes the new norm because of a step by step yet flexible structure making every conversation novel, fresh & forward marching
  • Clear, visible impact in motivation, morale & performance of both the manager & the reporting team
  • Empowered & energized relationships between leaders & their team
  • Significant reduction in blame game, inauthentic conversations & unnecessary rework


The Rainmaker

From resistance - to buy in - to advocacy

The Aim:

  • To equip senior leaders with advance knowledge and skills to influence how clients (internal/ external) think & act
  • Learn what persuades key decision makers consciously & unconsciously in your favour or otherwise
  • How to use human psychology & researched persuasion methods to influence outcomes & achieve desired results
  • To bring in a deeper level of customer centricity
  • Assist leaders to negotiate more powerfully & leverage their unique advantage
Actual Real Time Experience

  • Immediate impact on how leaders customize their solutions & points of view with higher degree of precision
  • Leaders command higher executive presence & gravitas
  • Face significantly less resistance & get faster buy in for their ideas & points of view
  • More attention , mind share to the re-crafted value proposition, hence better acceptance & action from target audience
  • Proactively set the stage to make offerings/ ideas/ options/ change initiative irresistible
  • Avoid misunderstanding when leaders influence & negotiate with their internal/external stakeholders